Hyaluronic Acid, 40mg - 30 caps

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Product Description
HAYA Hyaluronic Acid: known as the “Key to the Fountain of Youth”


Delays wrinkle appearance and the signs of aging
Helps to even out the skin tone
Stimulates eye health
Helps with problems, related to the connective tissue

Hyaluronic Acid is a non-sulfur glycosaminoglycan, widely spread in the connective, epithelial, and neural tissues. It is one of the main components of the extracellular matrix, contributing significantly to cellular proliferation and migration. The organism of an average man, weighing 70 kg., contains approximately 15 grams of Hyaluronan, one-third of which is processed (degraded and synthesized) every day.

Hyaluronic Acid is well known as the “key to the Fountain of Youth”, because it is noted that some people, who consume large portions of this compound, often live to a ripe old age. Is it possible that Hyaluronic Acid could be the long searched remedy against aging?
Recently, the scientists have focused on the eventual anti-aging benefits of the Hyaluronic acid, known also as Hyaluron or HA. In one story, titled “The village of the long life: Is it possible that the Hyaluronic acid could be the anti-aging remedy?”, the focus is on a rural area in Japan, named Yzuri Hara, where people normally experience considerable longevity and often have great skin in their 80’s or even 90’s. More than 10% of the population in this village is 85 years old or older, which is 10 times higher than the average norm.

Some research suggests that the reason behind the observed longevity and excellent health of the people in Yzuri Hara, known as the Village of the long life”, could be mainly related to the local unique food diet, which includes a starchy vegetable that is particularly rich in HA. In fact, one big Japanese pharmaceutical company undertakes “Research and Development” of medicine supplement, containing HA. During a test of this remedy on 1000 subjects, about half of them report having smoother skin and even a vision improvement. Hyaluronic acid has proven its effectiveness in lubrication of arthritic joints, and some analysis shows positive results when it is injected in the joints, delaying the necessity of joint replacement, due to the fact that the acid is a component of the natural lubricant fluid of the body.
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