Lecithin, 1200mg - 100 softgels

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Product Description
HAYA LABS Lecithin contains substances responsible for the good health of the cell membranes. In the case of lecithin deficiency, the cell membrane may harden and block the flow of nutrients and the release of waste elements. When this happens the cells start aging prematurely. Lecithin's components are a part of yet other cellular functions. The substance is found in egg yolks, soybeans, nuts and the fleshy parts of the organs.


Supports brain activity
Protects intestine and stomach from toxins and strong medicines
Supports healthy liver function
Promotes healthy cholesterol levels
Improves the physical form during intensive training

From a biochemical point of view, lecithin is a lipid material part of the group which is known as phospholipids and which is an essential component of all living cells. Lecithin was first isolated in 1850 by the French scientist Maurice Gobley who named it "lekithos" - the Greek term for egg yolk. Up until the first processing of soybeans the egg yolk was the most common source of lecithin. And due to the high lecithin levels, the egg yolk is still used for the production of nutritious emulsions like mayonnaise.

From a physiological point of view, lecithin is an integral part of all organs and glands. Brain, for instance, is 25 % phospholipids. Vital bodily organs and systems like the liver, the reproductive system, as well as the muscles also contain high quantities of phospholipids. Phospholipids are also the main constructive elements of all cell membranes. Membranes functions include the transfer of nutrients and waste material, regulation of the internal pressure of the cell as well as iron exchange.
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