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Product Description

1. A new product with fat burner by Olimp - what is Lipo Razor?
Lipo Razor is a blend of plant extracts in the form of capsules created to supplement daily diet and support the body in the fight against excess fat and enhance the body shaping process. The Olimp brand experts, using their knowledge and technologically advanced laboratories, created a pharmaceutical quality supplement with safe effects and a real impact on the reduction of fat tissue, which is proved by numerous microbiological or physicochemical analyzes and tests of ingredients used. Lipo Razor is a product that allows you to enjoy a slim body throughout the year and helps even most intensive shredding. Time to act!

2. Olimp Lipo Razor - ingredients?
Lipo Razor dietary supplement is a product based only on natural components that were used in optimally effective and at the same time safe for the organism doses. The formula of this product with a fat burner is based on plant extracts with a highly standardized active ingredients, which determines the effectiveness in the process of body fat reduction and weight loss.
In this supplement by Olimp you will find thermogenesis-enhancing ingredients (cayenne pepper extract), substances that help to degrade fat (bitter orange extract) and support good mood (cocoa extract). Lipo Razor formula does not contain caffeine, often used in other products in very high doses. This means that this fat burning supplement can be taken by people with hypersensitivity to caffeine. With such ingredients, each diet and workout plan get real support in the process of getting closer to your dream body.

3. How does Lipo Razor work? Get your desired effects!
Specialists from the Olimp company decided to create a supplement which, thanks to the plant extracts, allows you to get rid of excess body fat effectively and show the effects of your workouts. Perfect selection of ingredients and their precisely determined doses let this product optimally shape your athletic body.

By using Lipo Razor as a supplement to your daily diet you should expect:

Better mood
Enhanced metabolism
Increased thermogenesis, which results in increased sweating during working out
Increased fat burning through natural mechanisms activated by cayenne pepper extracts
4. How to take Olimp Lipo Razor? Servings and price
Lipo Razor is a product which helps to reduce body fat and lose weight. The manufacturer recommends taking this product only once a day - take 2 capsules after a meal with plenty of water. This product is available in a container of 90 capsules, which gives 45 recommended servings.

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