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Product Description

Our Organic Turmeric Extract is grown exclusively with our farmers and traditionally harvested by hand. This supplement is designed to support the body, planet and communities in many ways;

• No child labour: Our suppliers support the education of all the village children.

• Organically grown: No chemicals are used in the farming or processing of this turmeric.

• Sustainable: We work to help supply farms and villages with solar electricity.

• Ethical: Working with our farmers and communities – supporting education, paying fair wages and supplying water and electricity.

• High Curcumin: Each capsule provides 167mg curcumin.

• Concentrated extract: Each capsule provides the equivalent to 11,500mg turmeric.


It’s important to know what you are putting into your body. At Wild Earth we believe in transparency. Each of our products contains only the highest quality ingredients required to provide your body with the nutrients it requires, and nothing more. The beauty of using natural ingredients is that as the seasons change and time progresses, so do our products. You may notice variation in the colour of your capsules. This is perfectly normal and does not affect their performance.

This Organic Turmeric contains a concentrated Turmeric Extract and organic Acacia Flour, providing the equivalent of 11,500mg of Turmeric per capsule. Acacia is a well-known superfood that complements Turmeric well.

Our packaging, including our blister pack, is compostable and biodegradable. You can dispose of your blister pack, in any bin, safe in the knowledge it will biodegrade, even in landfill conditions, leaving behind only organic matter that will support the growth of plants and wildlife. Our carbon balanced cardboard carton should be added to your cardboard recycling to ensure it can be used again.

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