Zap It Insect Bite Relief

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Product Description

Zapperclick works by the rapid expansion and contraction of crystals that takes place when you press the activating button. This creates a harmless impulse, similar in effect to a mild static electricity charge. No battery is required, it is non toxic and there is no sticky mess.

The anti-histamine piezo principle is proven to work successfully on mosquito and horsefly bites as well as jelly fish and nettle stings. Use Zapperclick on a new bite as soon as possible after you have been bitten. Older bites are sometimes troublesome; zapping helps to soothe the itch and avoid the scratching, which can be a cause of infection.
ZapperClick will treat up to 1,000 bites.

Clinical Trial: The University of Bergamo, Clinical Trial 1997 with 100 patients concluded 92% of patients were itch free 5 minutes after being treated with a piezodetoxifier.

Directions: Hold Zapperclick between your 1st two fingers with your thumb on the button. Place Zapperclick directly on top of the bite, in contact with your skin. Use your thumb to press the button quickly 5 times or more. After a few minutes the itching/swelling will ease. For best results use immediately after being bitten.

Warnings: Not for use by children under 4 years. Do not use near eyes or lips and avoid sensitive areas such as pulse points. Not suitable for those fitted with a heart pacemaker. Do not use directly after applying insect repellent.

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