Organic Kitchen Peanut Butter Featured In Daily Mirror

Organic Kitchen Peanut Butter Featured In Daily Mirror

If you’re a fan of peanut butter, you may already know Organic Kitchen. Lauded by the Daily Mirror back in June 2020 for making one of the tastiest and easiest to spread peanut butters in the whole of the UK, this company also makes a whole lot of other fantastic organic kitchen cupboard staples.

Organic Kitchen aims to offer affordable, high-quality, organic food and beverages. If you’re looking to stock up on healthy pantry essentials, they’re a great choice. From pasta to peanut butter, coconut oil to chickpeas, this company has you covered.

We love their no-nonsense packaging, which is attractive, clear, and makes it easy to spot what you need in no time. Their ingredients lists are super simple too, with no unnecessary sugar, salt, palm oil, or other things that have become annoyingly commonplace in basic nut butters, oils, baked beans, and sauces.

(Arguably) the best organic peanut butter!

Their peanut butter, for example, is made from 100% certified organic roasted peanuts with no added salt. It is available in crunchy and smooth versions and is totally palm oil free. Unlike a lot of other natural and organic peanut butters, Organic Kitchen’s butter is high in healthy oleic acid, meaning it is fairly runny. This makes it super easy to spread without tearing up your toast (hey, we’ve all been there!). It’s also perfect for use when making peanut butter chocolate cupcakes or a sauce for Pad Thai, or for adding to a smoothie or other recipe.

Certified by the Vegan Society (as are almost all Organic Kitchen products), this peanut butter makes a great dip for fruit and can be stirred into porridge for extra protein in the morning. And if you have a dog in the family, this runnier peanut butter is a great choice for adding healthy protein and fats to homemade or store-bought food as well as for helping hide medications for your pup.

There are 7 g of fibre in every 100 g of Organic Kitchen’s Peanut Butter, and 28.1 grams of protein. So, if you’re looking for a way to get more protein on a plant-based diet, crack open the peanut butter!

A wide range of cooking essentials and fun wholefood ingredients

Other offerings from Organic Kitchen include Tagliatelle Spinach and a wide variety of other pastas, organic coconut oil, olive oil, and sesame oil, raw apple cider vinegar with the Mother (the probiotic Scobie that produces the vinegar) and other types of vinegar, canned lentils, chickpeas, black chickpeas, aduki beans, borlotti beans, baked beans, and many other beans!

If you’re looking to cook up a sauce with your pasta, Organic Kitchen have ready made sauces in jars, including Arrabbiata, passata, and Basilico. Or make your own using a can of organic peeled tomatoes!

A few of the fancier options from Organic Kitchen include canned edamame beans, vegan garlic mayo, Sicilian lemon juice, and young jackfruit (a great base for making vegan pulled pork!). You’ll also find sauerkraut, mustard, ketchup, and other condiments in their range, as well as light and dark agave syrup in a squeezy plastic bottle made from 100% recycled PET that is BPA free and fully recyclable after use.

Many of Organic Kitchen’s products are processed and packaged where they’re grown. This adds ‘value at source’, which is great for the economies of developing nations where a lot of food is grown and exported but little of the money made stays local.

By packaging at source, this can also help reduce shipping associated with sending raw ingredients to a packaging plant and then to a distribution centre. All in all, it’s a more environmentally friendly and socially equitable way to do business! What’s more, by processing and packaging produce at its freshest, Organic Kitchen make sure that more of those all-important nutrients (and flavour!) are present in the products you enjoy at home.

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