Trying to go plastic-free? It can be hard to avoid plastic bags, overwrap, and packaging when buying groceries, especially when stocking up on dry foods. Thankfully, Just Natural switched to certified plastic-free packaging in January 2019, with their organic nuts, seeds, healthy whole grains, beans, pulses, and dried fruits now available without the petroleum by-products.

So, what is this mysterious plastic-free packaging that looks like, well, plastic?!

Just Natural’s products are now safely contained in packaging made using a cellulose film derived from tree pulp and polylactic acid which comes from sugar cane. Both of these raw materials are non-GMO and the packaging is certified compostable in accordance with EN13432.

Instead of throwing the packaging in the garbage, you now have the choice of putting it in your compost bin for collection. Industrial composting can help reduce waste going to landfill, cut greenhouse gas emissions, and lead to the creation of nutritious soil for use in growing food! If you don’t have curbside compost collection where you live, don’t worry, you can still put the packaging in with your plastic recycling.

Switching to plastic-free packaging is just one of the ways that Just Natural is taking steps to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. They also encourage you to shop at your local independent retailer. Why? Because by buying your bulk goods, vitamins, minerals, natural toiletries, and other essential household items in one spot, you help reduce what’s called the Last Mile Problem. This describes the outsized environmental impact of getting goods from a transportation hub to the end user, i.e. you.

In practice, it’s easy to see how if everyone orders home deliveries of a miscellany of smaller items from multiple companies, a lot of energy is expended packaging those goods and moving parcels from big hubs to smaller local transportation depots and then that last mile to your home. In fact, a study published by the World Economic Forum (WEF) revealed that the massive uptick in last-mile deliveries over the next decade is likely to increase emissions by more than 30%. And all those extra delivery vehicles (a 36% increase!) will cause traffic jams that add an extra 11 minutes to your daily commute.

Making a single trip to your local independent health food store, buying bulk goods, and making sure the packaging is plastic-free, compostable, or recyclable offers an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint. And by supporting companies like Just Natural, who are making steps in the right direction, this helps to encourage other companies to follow suit and up their eco-friendly game for the health of people and the planet.

Just Natural

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