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Yamamoto Nutrition ALKA AMINO is an essential amino acids based food supplement, with taurine, vitamin B6 and minerals, suitable for sportsmen. ALKA AMINO formula is enhanced with vitamin B6 and magnesium, which contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism, and potassium, which supports regular muscle function. Furthermore, magnesium supports electrolyte balance. ALKA AMINO also contains lyophilised coconut water.

The athlete often tends to forget and underestimate to what extent maintaining physiological hydration is a determining factor both for performance level and for the overall efficiency of the body s physiology. It is therefore essential to ensure we provide our body with the support of rapidly and effectively bioavailable electrolytes, which can help maintain hydration, especially during intense training when these valuable elements are lost, along with liquids, through perspiration. Hydration acts to maintain the regulation of the body s temperature and blood pressure, and helps transport fundamental elements to muscles engaged in physical effort, such as amino acids. We know these to be the organic molecules, the building blocks which when brought together create proteins, and specifically for the athlete, promote muscle repair and growth.

 The new version of Alka AMINO came about as an evolution of the previous one, to maximise the concept of maintaining physiological hydration so that performance remains high. This is achieved thanks to a valuable concentration of electrolytes and by bringing together essential amino acids, to be used quickly at the most critical times for any athlete: before, during and after performance. The essential amino acids Alka AMINO supplies come from plant fermentation, provide rapid intervention to support the synthesis of new proteins, and quickly promote the processes of recovery or countering the protein degradation that can result from training (or diet).

 A single portion offers about 6 grams of essential amino acids, to which has been added Taurine, the second most abundant amino acid in skeletal muscle. It is found in other tissues with high concentrations where high energy levels are required, with different nervous and cardiovascular functions, and promotes muscle contraction, improves fatigue resistance during exertion, but as an added value in this case, aids cellular hydration.

To help maintain electrolyte balance, Alka AMINO contains magnesium and potassium in a citrated form with high alkalising power, but the most innovative and exciting part of this factor is that freeze-dried coconut water has been added. This represents a real pool of mineral salts such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium, and other trace elements with very high bioavailability that promote maximum hydration, with potential detoxifying, purifying and deacidifying effects, but above all rehydrating like no other natural substance.

Alka AMINO is ideal for taking in the pre-, during and post-workout stages, especially with intense sweating or in sports activities done at high temperatures, where strong amino acid and electrolyte support is required.
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