Olimp Nutrition Gladiator Bars, Vanilla Cream - 15 bars

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Product Description
Being on a diet you don’t have to deprive yourself from all kinds of sweets. The Olimp Sport Nutrition company presents a new bar.Thanks to healthy ingredients such as protein and fiber, you will certainly keep it on your menu for a long time. Gladiator High Protein Bar is nothing like many popular fit sweets, which often don’t taste well or are too hard to bite. Therefore, be prepared for a real pleasure thatwill be difficult to forget for a long time!
Protein barsare products which belongto the group of so-calledfunctional food. They look and taste similar to sweets - so popular and often unacceptable during a diet. Olimp Sport Nutrition bars come in several types and flavors, but all have one common feature: high quality and attention to every detail! The biggest advantage, however, are the ingredients. Unhealthy calories from sugars are reduced to a minimum without losing the sweet taste. They are perfect as a healthy snack or as an optimal cheat meal!
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