Nutrend Hydro Whey, Chocolate - 1600 grams

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Product Description
Native whey isolate protein is considered to be one of the most profitable sources of protein in light of absorbency, but also usability. If this kind of protein goes through partial enzymatic hydrolysis, a unique quality product is created for muscle recovery after any type of difficult physical activity and mainly for required muscle growth. This native whey protein isolate is the primary ingredient of a unique product HYDRO WHEY, which is now available from the NUTREND Supplements as the newest product among their proteins range.
HYDRO WHEY is enriched by:
Tolerase L

 Acidic form of lactase, which helps to cleaxe milk sugar (lactose)


 Helps normal metabolism of macronutrients
 Helps to keep normal level of glucose in blood

Vitamin B3

 Helps to lower tiredness and fatigue
 Helps normal energetic metabolism

Excellent and branded hydrolysed whey protein isolate Hydrovon, which due to thriftily hydrolysis does not lose its biological value and exceeds with great amino acid spectre.
Another branded ingredient in this product is Tolerase L. It is acidic form of enzyme lactase, which helps to cleaxe milk sugar (lactose) also in the digestive system, which is unfavourable for normal enzyme lactase.
HYDRO WHEY has great digestibility and fulfils the needs of all sportsmen, on either amateur level or the most challenging professionals of any sport field.
Anyone who desires the number one product with high content of easily digestible protein, can now have HYDRO WHEY in hand!

It is very easy to shake and mixes well with pure water using one of our NUTREND shakers.
Whey protein hydrolysate for refilling quality and well digestible protein during the day.

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