Bonusan Policosanol 60's

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Contains per vegetarian capsule

Policosanol (60% octacosanol, from sugarcane)



Excipients: microcrystalline cellulose, cellulose (HPMC), magnesium stearate.

Guaranteed to contain no: GMO, maize, soy, yeast, gluten, lactose, added saccharose, gelatine, animal products, preservatives, artificial colouring and flavouring agents, artificial odours.


Policosanol is a natural product and helps to lower high levels of cholesterol. Biochemically, policosanol is a mixture of long-chain alcohols; the chain length varies from 24 to 34 carbon atoms. The vast majority of scientific studies of policosanol has been conducted with policosanol from sugarcane, derived from its wax-like coating. The major alcohols in the policosanol mixture from sugarcane are octacosanol (60-65%), hexacosanol (6-7%) and triacontanol (12%); the remaining 15% mainly consists of eicosanol, nonacosanol, dotriacontanol, tetratriacontanol and heptacosanol. Policosanol from other sources (like wheat-germ oil of beeswax) contains other percentages and is much less effective.

Policosanol helps to lower increased levels of cholesterol and has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. It protects cholesterol against oxidation and has a beneficial effect on the LDL-, HDL- and total cholesterol levels. It is beneficial for blood viscosity and it keeps blood vessels clean and supple.

Most important features of Bonusan Policosanol:

  • Original policosanol from sugarcane

  • Proper ratio of different alcohols in the policosanol mixture

  • 10 mg per capsule


Take 1 to 2 capsules a day, during or immediately after a meal. Preferably spread your intake evenly throughout the day. Capsule may be opened if experiencing difficulties with swallowing.


Policosanol can possibly reinforce the effect of blood-thinning medicine (anticoagulants). Interactions with other regular medication and natural health products may occur. Please consult an expert about this.


Other remedies that specifically affect cholesterol metabolism are Niacin 500 mg, Allium sativum extract, Omega-3 Liquid (or capsules), Taurine 600 mg, Gamma-Oryzanol 100 mg and Cynara-Zingiber Extract. The result may have a synergistic effect as the mechanisms of these products differ.

In addition to this product, a good basic diet is recommended, as is basic supplementation of Multi Vital Forte, Vitamin C 1000 ascorbate complex and Omega 3 liquid (or Omega 3 capsules).


8878 (plastic bottle containing 60 capsules of vegetable origin)

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