Protein Casein 92, Vanilla - 750 grams

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Product Description

PROTEIN 92 is a protein powder supplement, formulated with a balanced mix of calcium caseinate and micellar casein. The combination of these essential ingredients is perfect to promote the development and maintenance of muscle mass. With 92% protein, this powder contains virtually no carbohydrate or fat. Due to its ability to maintain and develop muscle mass, it is suitable for all athletes wishing to improve their physical performance in all sports.

Nourish your muscles over time

Like whey protein, casein is a protein derived from milk. One of the nutritional differences between these two types of protein is in the speed they are absorbed. Whey is indeed a protein that will be quickly absorbed by the body, while the interest of casein is precisely in its slow and prolonged action. What's the point of that? If you are an athlete who needs a sustained supply of aminoacids over a long period of time (such as during sleep or between two very distant meals), casein is the right choice. Thanks to its slow digestion and prolonged action, it will be able to provide your muscles with all the proteins they need to promote their growth and recovery throughout the period without meals.

Micellar casein, a very high quality protein

Micellar casein is a very valuable form of casein because it is obtained separating the casein from the lipids and the lactose by ultrafiltration, resulting in a protein very low in carbs and fat. It is less soluble than calcium caseinate and this makes its digestion even slower. The balanced mix between the two forms of casein, will guarantee a gradual and sustained release of aminoacids, with calcium caseinate digestion slightly faster.

Build your muscle mass, even while you sleep

Thanks to PROTEIN 92, athletes of all sports will be able to progress even during their sleep. Take this supplement right before bedtime to allow your muscles to receive a constant flow of aminoacids and avoid the catabolic phase (the deterioration of muscle mass).

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