Dandelion Coffee and Tea

Dandelion Coffee and Tea

Dandelion Coffee and Tea


Once upon a time, dandelion leaves were a standard part of the everyday diet, with lots of health benefits of these bitter greens. Unfortunately, as our palates have changed and gotten used to sweeter foodstuffs, dandelions have been pushed out. One great way to reintroduce these without going and digging up some weeds is to try dandelion coffee and tea!

Dandelions may be the bugbear of many homeowners and city councils, but these common weeds have a lot of redeeming qualities. When dandelion roots are roasted for coffee or the leaves are turned into tea, dandelion is associated with a range of health benefits. These include:

  1. Helping with water retention and associated bloating – dandelion is a diuretic and increases urine output
  2. Preventing urinary tract infection – dandelion and uva ursi (bear berry) are a great combination for staving off UTIs, likely because of the antibacterial and diuretic effects of these herbs
  3. Supporting liver health – dandelion increases bile flow, aiding detoxification
  4. Helping you cut down on caffeine! – dandelion is a great natural coffee substitute
  5. Supporting weight management – one study found that dandelion had similar effects to Orlistat, a weight loss drug that inhibits fat absorption from the diet
  6. Possibly helping the body fight cancer – there is some evidence that dandelion root triggers cell death in melanoma and pancreatic cancer without harming non-cancerous cells.

How to make dandelion coffee and dandelion tea

If your garden is covered in dandelions, you might consider digging up a few to make your own coffee or picking the leaves to make tea. Before doing so, however, be sure that these plants haven’t been sprayed with any herbicides or pesticides. And definitely give them a thorough wash before making tea or coffee.

If you don’t have dandelions on hand, or don’t fancy getting out your trowel, don’t worry. Readymade dandelion coffee and tea is available and dandelion coffee tastes a lot like the real thing!

Not a fan of black coffee? No problem. Dandelion coffee can be mixed with nut milks, dairy, ghee, coconut butter, cinnamon, and a dash of xylitol or other sweetener to help cut through some of the bitterness until you get used to the taste. Some people like to add a dash of vanilla too, or even monk fruit as a low calorie sweetener. And as with regular tea or coffee, it’s good to try a few brands and find one that is to your taste. Some dandelion coffee is mixed with roasted chicory root, roasted beet, and other vegetables. These all bring a different flavour to the mix, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Dandelion tea and coffee are generally safe for most people, but if you’re allergic to dandelions don’t use these products. It’s also best to talk to your doctor before using dandelion if you are taking diuretics, Cipro, Orlistat, lithium, or other medications listed here.


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